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Live royally thanks to the Luxury Curtain Rods Elegance

Posted on05/06/2020 967
Live royally thanks to the Luxury Curtain Rods Elegance

Live royally thanks to the Luxury Curtain Rods Elegance

Have you ever visited the Palace of Versailles? Have you ever dreamed of wearing a princely dress and whirling around in its ballroom? Have you ever imagined watching the sun rise in its gardens or sleeping in one of its precious rooms?

Now you can do it right in your own home.

The Luxurious Curtain Rods from the Collection Elegance transform every home into a royal residence.

They are real jewels that decorate the interior spaces with great taste and functionality.

The Curtain Rods Elegance have a diameter of 35 millimeters and a flexible length of up to 6 meters, which makes them suitable for use even with very high ceilings.

This is why they are often installed in luxury apartments, modern and middle-class villas, residences and palaces.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, the Curtain Rods Elegance are made of metal, but they imitate the effect and warmth of wood, also thanks to its wide variety of shades, i.e.: Antique Brass, Steel, Bronze, ideal for exalting a shabby chic decor.

Then let yourself be inspired by the refinement of the terminals in the form of tufts or circulars, always with a metallic or crystal finish, which recall a royal sceptre.

Simply move from room to room in your home and live in a beautiful dream.

We at Tringle à Rideau Online want you to feel unique and special every day. In what way? By paying attention to details like Tie Back Regina.

They are a very functional solution if you want to use the Tassels: they help to open and close the curtains with great ease. In addition, they create a warm and pleasant atmosphere for you and your guests.

Matt chrome, stainless steel and antique brass are the available colours; a palette studied to make your home precious and make you live royally, as you deserve.

Our Tringle à Rideau En Ligne take your dreams out of your drawers and turn them into reality.

What are you waiting for to contact us? We are waiting for you.

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