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Ceiling Curtain Rod or Wall Curtain Rod

Posted on04/03/2019 by 2794
Ceiling Curtain Rod or  Wall Curtain Rod

Ceiling Curtain Rod or Wall Curtain Rod

Before we decide to buy a Curtain Rod, it’s good to first think about all elements that comprise it. Besides the visible elements – rods and clips/hooks – great importance needs to be given the choice of supports, which is the element responsible for mounting the Curtain Rod. Its task is supporting the whole Curtain Rod and the way the Curtain Rod will be mounted depends on its choice. In our store there are many different Curtain Rods, differencing in style, looks, functionality, color as well as the mounting system.

Ceiling Curtain Rods

Curtain Rods can be attached to the ceiling with the help of a specific support, a ceiling support. This type of mounting is chosen mainly when the windows are mounted on the entire surface of the wall or when it is not possible to mount the supports on the window wall ( for example not enough space above the window, or the wall is too thin to support the Curtain Rod ). Ceiling Curtain Rods are also very useful when we want our Curtains to be hanged from the very ceiling. Many modern interiors use exactly this solution. This option doesn’t restrict us to choose only one type of Curtain Rod. Ceiling Curtain Rods are available in all types: the Traditional Curtain Poles, such as Coll. Roma or Coll. Venezia, as well as modern Curtain Rails and Curtain Tracks like Coll. Liguria or Coll. Siena.

These modern Curtain Tracks and Rails, mounted directly to the ceiling, are very useful when using darkening Blackout Curtains. Using a Curtain Track mounted on the ceiling will stop daylight from breaking through above the Curtain.

Wall Curtain Rods

Curtain Rods can also be mounted onto the window wall. This mounting is used usually with smaller windows, windows going out into a balcony or terrace, everywhere the windows are not mounted onto the entire length of the wall, and above the window and/or next to the window there is sufficient space to mount the supports. Here the choice is very large. Both modern Curtain Tracks like Coll. Genova and traditional Curtain Poles such as Coll. La Roma.

Many of our Curtain Rods can be mounted both to the wall and ceiling, depending on the type we choose. Curtain Rods from Coll. Sanremo, or Coll. Lucca have options to mount on the ceiling as well as on the wall.

Before purchasing a Curtain Rod carefully get to know the possibilities of mounting of your Curtain Rod, with the layout of Your window and space you can use, as you should choose the right Curtain Rod based on these conditions.

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